My initial encounter with Gurudev occurred over two decades ago during his visit to Chicago. Subsequently, amidst the pandemic in November 2020, he bestowed his blessings upon me once more as I embarked on the path of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga and Sahaj Samadhi. Over the span of next two years, I dedicated myself to daily practice, which not only provided me with a newfound sense of direction but also inspired me to publish my inaugural book, “The Flow of My Life,” chronicling my personal journey thus far. While I may not engage in daily SKY practice now, I remain steadfast in chanting the mantra he graciously imparted to me and remember him daily.

In my quest for spiritual enlightenment, I aspire to delve deeper into the teachings of Vigyan Bhairav under Gurudev’s esteemed guidance and blessings. I humbly seek your advice on how best to access this profound wisdom and unlock the boundless realms of universal consciousness.

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